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 Username is your Email address

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Bitcoin BTC has huge fees, please use Litecoin LTC or Ethereum ETH (ERC20 Network is important!) instead of Bitcoin to save costs. Bitcoin (BTC) network is often busy and delayed, on top of that, the Bitcoin (BTC) fee is insane. If you want to speed up the process, better use Litecoin (LTC) instead of Bitcoin (BTC): Less transaction fee and faster blockchain confirmations which means the entire payment process might be faster. (Faster speed and cheaper fees: Litecoin LTC is known for its faster transaction speeds and more affordable fees than Bitcoin BTC).

If you want to keep existing line username (renew) and favorites of your existing Subscription, then it’s important to use the EXTEND function: Manage Lines => Actions => EXTEND
Once you hit the extend button, do not go back and forth, otherweise system might generate new line username.

New Subscription with new random line username

If you want to buy a NEW or additional Subscription with a new random line username, please open left menu Order & Transaction (If you want to extend an existing line username then please use above extend function.)

=> When you hit this Button: You do NOT keep old line username. If you want to keep old line username, then hit EXTEND button, that’s important. <=

Please do NOT send tokens!

And never mention the wording IPTV under your sending details or remarks, some wallets does not like IPTV !

We recommend to choose Litecoin (LTC) instead of Bitcoin (BTC).
BTC has higher fees.
LTC fees are more fair and reasonable.

Use Coinbase while you enjoy fair and reasonable low fees.

Use Crypto.com which is an official supporter of the World Cup 2022

Important: Check the Bitcoin (BTC) fee, and if it’s too high, better stay away from BTC and better use Litecoin (LTC) insted of Bitcoin (BTC):
Ethereum (ETH) and Litecoin (LTC) has lower fees!

Alternatively you can use Firi

Banxa is also a nice provider where you can get Crypto. 
(put the additional fee into calculation)

People from Canada should use Coinberry


If you want to use Binance.com then do NOT use BTC or ETH for external transaction. Binance has huge fee’s for BTC and ETH sending’s. Please use Litecoin (LTC) under Binance.com that’s important !

BTC has huge fees, thats why we recommend ETH or even better LTC.

Do NOT send BTC to LTC address, I mean, do not mix up different coins.
If you buy LTC and want to send it, then send your LTC to the LTC address (and NOT to the BTC or ETH address).
==> e.g.: from LTC to LTC , or from ETH to ETH, or from BTC to BTC <==

If you want to arrange donation by Credit Card:

Visit https://changelly.com/buy-crypto
Just add an EUR amount (based on the validity you want) and choose one of the crypto currencies, e.g. LTC. (Please keep the fees in mind, fee need to be added on top of the total value)

Better use one of the above Safello or Coinbase, cause credit card payments is 10% or even 10-20 EUR fee which will be deducted from total amount, you would need to send more EUR and that’s why we do not recommend credit card payments via changelly.

Once you’ve arranged the payment, you can monitor the transaction within your dashboard: https://mr.iptv.uno/dashboard/pending-transactions

Once transaction is confirmed, you can check your transaction history: https://mr.iptv.uno/dashboard/transaction-history